Hell on Earth: Storm Over The Crossroads

Welcome to Mesquite New Mexico, the ruins of a small rural suburb of Las Cruces! Las Cruces, or “The Crosses” as it was known, was the second largest city in New Mexico. Now a blasted out nightmare landscape, Las Cruces lurks off in the distance but the town of Mesquite is being reclaimed as a small oasis along Interstate 10 a prime route for The Convoy.

Mesquite has a large untainted resevoir that is big enough to support a community and agriculture. You and your companions now find themselves in this newly founded settlment that it’s sixty odd inhabitants intend to make a main watering hole and trading post for the Convoy on it’s trips through the region.

Sitting on the doorstop of the cursed ruins of Las Cruces though, you and your fellow heroes will have to lead the effort to keep the settlement safe and explore the surrounding area in an effort to push away the surrounding darkness of the Deadlands.

The Heroes

Jack Stanchion
John Thunderstone played by Bryan
Earl Stubbs

Hell on Earth: Storm Over The Crossroads

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